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Ever dream of participating in the tennis championship in Wimbledon? This is a dream come true because you have the opportunity to enjoy two weeks of tennis, cream, and strawberries that will leave a memorable experience. Sporting events attract a variety of attendees ranging from locals and international. Wimbledon tennis tours enable fans to travel specifically to watch the sports event while some casual attendees travel for other purposes but participate in the game. Wimbledon tennis tours attract a mixture of tourists. The tourists who visit Wimbledon tennis tours include:

wimbledon tennis tours

  • Media personnel
  • Spectators
  • Medical team
  • Players
  • Sports managers
  • Sports gamblers
  • Sports administrator

Wimbledon tennis tours provide sports tourists with a chance to engage in some way in the sport and encounter a distinct culture and country. The role of a travel agent is to distribute and promote travel products on a commission basis. The travel products comprise of:

  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Airline tickets
  • Tours

Hong kong rugby sevens

Hong Kong Rugby Sevens is a premier tournament that is held annually in Hong Kong. It is possible to participate in the 2015 edition by securing tickets to Hong Kong Sevens through a travel package provided by an official agent. Hong Kong Sevens provide clients with:

  • Three days of intense action at Hong Kong stadium
  • Partying
  • Shopping

History of Wimbledon

Wimbledon is the home of the most famous tennis tournament. The first championship was played under the management of Croquet Club and All England Lawn Tennis at a ground close to Worple Road, Wimbledon in 1877. The game was an amateur that involved gentlemen’s singles won by Spencer Gore. In 1884, women singles tennis events were introduced in the tournament where the first winner was Maud Watson. Wimbledon championship moved from the ground near Worple Road to a ground close to Church Road, Wimbledon, which is their current location in 1922. From the year 1900, Wimbledon became an international tournament that opened a way for many international players to travel to London for competition. It is one of the premier tennis tournament that is recognized worldwide and holds the most reputable title.

Tickets English premier league

English premier league is a sport that attracts thousands of fans from all over the world. It is held for a season that involves the crème of crème England clubs. The premier league announces their dates for each football season and specifies the number of matches to be played by each club. The majority of the clubs sell tickets six weeks before the date of the match. Tickets English Premier League are sold through telephone or online. Here are some important factors to know about the sale of tickets for premier league:

  • Cost. The prices for tickets is different for distinct clubs. There are many group deals as well as discounts given for specific matches during the entire season.
  • Best sitting area. The premier league clubs have a home and away areas and the place where you sit depends on the team you are supporting.
  • Availability of tickets. Tickets are available from clubs and through authorized selling agents. Visit