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How to Treat Needed Repairs for a Long Term Property Rental

Are you looking for a home for a year’s stay in Phuket, Thailand? May it be for business or leisure, a condominium unit is recommended for one or two residents given the setting it has. Condominiums for rent are mushrooming in Phuket yet very few may render the services you like. Several condos offering long term rental Phuket has today are no different from an apartment, except on the legally enforceable rules for all residents in the complex. It can affect your day-to-day life, in some extent.

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There are possible problems to arise regarding the condition of the unit you are renting. So before you sign the lease agreement for long term rental Phuket has to offer, find out your role, the Homeowners Association’s role, and the owner or property rental manager’s role regarding repairs.

When to Contact the Owner/ Property Manager and the HOA

When it comes to repairs, the difficult part is to determine whether the tenant or owner will undertake it. Normally, a tenant contacts the owner or property manager in order to fix the problem. If the issue concerns the common area, such as the hallway or a recreation facility, the Homeowners Association (HOA) is the right company to direct the concern. There are instances, as well, that both should be contacted. For example, leaking water from a unit drips into the subterranean parking, then in such case the HOA will do the repair and bill the owner or property manager for the cost incurred.

Improvement by Tenants and Concessions

Owners/property managers are always eager to provide allowances for tenant improvements. Other concessions, such as giving free rent for a certain month to the tenant that signs a long term lease. These are not applicable for short term leases.

Role of Owner/Property Managers on Maintenance

While the enumerated roles below are also applicable in apartment rentals, they are also considered as pertinent in condo unit rentals:

  • To check for water leakage
  • To check if smoke detectors are functioning well
  • To do exterior walk-around
  • To check the air handler and the heat pumps
  • To check the water heaters if they operate properly
  • To change the filters when needed
  • To ascertain the proper installation of the electrical systems
  • To scrutinize the premises for possible blight, mold or rust
  • To make sure that appliances are functional (in case of fully and semi-equipped condo rental units)
  • To inspect the exterior for any possible damages due to weather

To ensure that the matters regarding maintenance and repair of the unit is promptly attended to, many condo owners tap qualified property managers. The role of the latter is to ascertain that the property is in good dwelling condition and tenants are satisfied with their stay.

Notwithstanding the steep rules to be followed as tenant of a condo unit, it is the above-mentioned convenience that outweighs it. The quality of services for long term rental Phuket offers today is the main reason why many renters choose to rent and reside in a condo than in an apartment.