When rental bikes can be better than actually buying one

First off, we just want to make it perfectly clear that we’re not here to bash those who choose to buy a bike rather than rent one. Buying a bicycle is a perfectly great decision; we bought our own bikes ourselves. However, there are still some situations where rental bikes can prove to be the better option.

Going on a trip

If you’re going on a trip and are planning to ride a bicycle to get around, it will actually be more convenient to rent a bike from a local bike shop once you get there. Imagine this scenario: you arrive at your destination, get some rest, find a rental bikes shop, and off you go. This is actually one of the best-selling services that Mellow Johnny’s, a popular Austin bikes rental and sales shop, offers to its patrons.

Now, compare that to bringing your own bike where you will need to take it apart, pack it all in a bag, bring along that bag on the trip, then unpack the bag, and assemble all the parts together before you can actually ride. If you’re going on a plane, you’d also have to worry about whether or not your precious bike will get damaged while in transit.

Looking to test before actually buying

Rental bikes are actually your friend if you’re looking to buy one later on. If you’re planning to buy a specific model, for instance, what better way to try it out than to rent that model first? Try to find a quality bike shop in your area where they have a wide selection of bikes available for rent. Their selection should include both mountain bikes and road bikes, of course. Rent the bike you want and ride it for a few hours or until you’re satisfied.

With that said, renting a bike just to try out a new ride is perfectly fine, even if you’re not considering buying a new bike at all. If you’ve been riding road bikes all your life, what’s wrong with renting out that 29er machine and trying it out on the trails?

Questions to ask

Now, if you do decide that rental bikes are the way to go, here are a few questions you should ask before you pull out your wallet:

  • How old are the bikes? Rental bikes go through wear and tear a lot faster, so they will need to get replaced or repaired more often. There are bike shops that change up their rental fleet every year, but there are some who wait until their bikes get broken down.
  • Are the components stock? Some bike shops might have models available from the popular brands, but they might also have exchanged the original components for cheaper ones to save the expensive parts from breaking down. This will actually be a critical factor if you’re renting a bike for the purpose of trying it out before purchase. If you want to try a specific bike with its XT parts, make sure that the rental bike does have its original XT parts.
  • Do they offer discounts if you rent the bike for multiple days? A lot of bike shops do have discounts, but they don’t readily indicate it on their website, so it never hurts to ask.

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