Tips to Observe When Renting a Limo for Prom

Riding in a Washington DC - presidential limousine is a rare experience for many people. Due to the thrill that comes with it, the service is in high demand and many companies are out to offer such services. To get the best out of it, it is advisable to screen various service providers before you can pay for the service. The following are some tips to observe to ensure that you get the most reliable limos from a reputable company.

Washington DC - Presidential Limousine

Avoid shopping based on price alone

In Washington DC – presidential limousine industry, there is a wide range of quality and price. The biggest error you can make is to shop for your limo based on price alone. The following are some of the downsides of the step:

  • It is possible that your limo may fail to show up or may show up late on the big day, making you to miss the function.
  • An older model of limo shows up on your door on the big day when you expected a newer model full of luxury. This eventually leads to disappointment on your side.
  • Your limo may show up with an unprofessional driver.

In light of the above risks, it is advisable to have a one-on-one with the company before you hire a Washington DC – presidential limousine.

Make early reservation

Limos are in high demand during homecoming seasons, graduations, or other VIP events. If you wait to book only a few days to your event, you might end up losing your chance. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to book as early as two months before the big day. This period is enough to enable you to make appropriate preparations as required.

Have it down in writing

Reputable companies offering limo services often work professionally. It is essential to operate on a signed contract between you and the service provider. A signed contract confirms the competency and reliability of the service provider, implying its commitment to fulfilling the agreement. A company that does not agree on written contract provides an indication of incompetence and unreliability.

Is the company a member of any industry association?

Based on the competition in the industry, it is possible to have companies offering substandard services. That is to say, they may use vehicles that are not in good condition and hire unprofessional drivers. By joining reliable industry associations, the company has to work under specific guidelines. Find out if your preferred company is a member of The National Limousine Association and other local organizations. Check again from the Better Business Bureau to find out if the company has any complaint lodged against it. Visiting sites such as presidential – can also provide more information.

Seeing is believing

Do not sign the contract before you see the actual limos. Do not rely on the catalogue or photos. Seeing the fleet will erase any doubt that you may have about the condition, size, or model. This eventually limits conditions of surprise when something you did not expect appears on your door on the big day.

In the end, you can dial the number (703) 347-6900 if you want reliable presidential limos in Alexandria, VA. Alternatively, you can visit


The Rewarding Experience of Volunteering Abroad

Anyone who has experienced becoming a volunteer abroad knows how exciting and rewarding the experience is. It will open your door to a world of new opportunities and a new perspective in life. There is probably no other activity in the world wherein you can help others and develop yourself at the same time. In fact, those who have volunteered in the past have committed themselves to volunteering, making it their passion in life.

Volunteer Abroad

If you are interested in joining programs for volunteering in Bali or to volunteer in India, you can reflect on these rewarding benefits that you can enjoy along the way.

Visit and See New Places

The travel aspect of volunteering is one of the obvious advantages of this experience. When you go to a new place or country, like when you join volunteer Bali programs, you get to meet new people and experience the culture of the country where you will live in momentarily. You will also be traveling to several places within the country that most tourists never get the chance to see. It is a different kind of travel experience that most tourists do not have or get to experience.

Do Something Productive and Rewarding

Are you a student in your gap year? Do you have a long break from work? Are you still in the process of exploring your career opportunities and have the time to spare? When you volunteer abroad, you can make good use of your free time to do something productive and help out others in need. There are several volunteer programs available, with some lasting for a few weeks to several months. If you have a lot of free time, you can even opt for programs that last for a year! The options are flexible and plentiful so you can choose what suits you best!

Develop New Skills

There are a lot of new skills that you will learn and adapt during your stint as a volunteer abroad. You will also be dealing with people from all walks of life – such as the people you volunteer to and you co-volunteers as well. It improves your ability to handle personal relationships, to improve communication, among other physical or social skills. The newly acquired skills might not be evident but they can help you a lot when you go back home.

Meet Like-Minded People

This is another unexpected advantage you can enjoy when you partake in volunteer programs abroad. There are several other people who think and act like you which you can meet through these programs. This is, therefore, a great opportunity to establish connections and expand your contacts.

Learn About the Culture

You can sit down in a history class and study all you want about a country’s language, tradition and culture. But experience is still and will always be the best teacher. When you deal with the locals on a daily basis, you become immersed in their language, culture and tradition. The firsthand experience in volunteering is the most effective way to learn and experience their culture.

Are you interested in volunteering yet? Visit this website to check some options you can consider for your volunteer experience: