Basic Information About Physiotherapy You Need to Know

Whether you are suffering from pain due to an injury or have problems that restrict your body’s mobility, your doctor may recommend you to consult a physiotherapist. Physiotherapy programs help treat a wide range of health problems caused by an injury, disability or disease. Learn more about why you should consider having a treatment at a physio Moonee Ponds facility.


The simple definition of physiotherapy is a medical treatment that aims to restore and maintain a patient’s mobility, function, and well-being. Professionals in this field are called physiotherapists. They are knowledgeable in assessing, diagnosing, treating, and helping patients avoid diseases or injuries. A physiotherapist Moonee Ponds expert uses different methods to free patients from pain and any difficulties in functionality.

Problems Physiotherapists Deal With

You may think that physiotherapists only handle back pain or sports-related injuries. If this is the case, you are mistaken. Physiotherapists are highly trained in caring for people suffering from different kinds of injury, disorder or disease. Here are some of the problems that a physio Moonee Ponds professional can treat:

  • Issues with the bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles
  • Bladder or bowel problems
  • Loss of mobility
  • Pain, fatigue, stiffness or swelling
  • Lung problems

Common Physiotherapy Techniques

Not all bodies are the same. Additionally, all of us adjust to treatments uniquely. That is why physiotherapy offers a wide variety of methods to cater to the distinct demands of each patient. Some of the typical techniques used by physiotherapists include:

physio Moonee Ponds


This treatment uses hands for soft tissue manipulation. It is typically incorporated in musculoskeletal physiotherapy treatments since it helps in reducing tension in the muscles, bones and joints. Furthermore, massage is an effective way of alleviating pain, increasing mobility, and improving blood flow.

Cryotherapy and Heat Therapy

One of the popular complaints at physio Moonee Ponds facilities is stiff muscles. Heat therapy can help treat muscle tightness. Here, hot packs or paraffin wax are applied in the specific painful area of the body. Depending on the complaint, physiotherapists may also recommend cryotherapy in which they implement ice pack application or an ice massage to ease the body ache.

Kinesio Taping (KT)

Another familiar technique used by physiotherapists is Kinesio taping. Kinesio tapes are applied to the patient’s skin to stabilize joint and muscles. It’s a perfect tool to use when stretching or flexing muscles because Kinesio tapes are flexible and don’t interfere with motion exercises. This technique is also effective for expectant mothers. One study even concluded that including Kinesio taping in postnatal physiotherapy programs promote abdominal recovery in women.

Physiotherapy in Moonee Ponds

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