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Top Reasons to Buy Barbie Dolls for Young Girls

Mattel Toys has announced the launch of new Barbie models that are designed to promote diversity as well as represent a wider range of races and physical variations. Barbie, which has been unrealistically white since its inception in 1959, is going to be imbued with a body positive makeover. Now young girls can have more ways to play and spark their imaginations with their Barbie. Besides an overall diversity, Mattel is also presenting three pristine body types in the range of Barbie dolls.


The old Barbie in a new look

Now Barbie dolls are available in a more ‘curvy’, ‘petite’ and ‘tall’ body with contours. These represent the maker’s efforts in reflecting the real proportions of a feminine body along with making strides for representing a wider scope of these physique types. There are also additional body colours with varying hair textures of the Barbie that are seemingly rising in proportion to the age-old white coloured Barbies. It is definitely exciting and nostalgic to witness this beautiful doll that most people have played with in their childhood, and is now able to represent the children who will play with them today. Barbies are a great way of introducing body positivity to children from an early age.

Moving away from the conventional beauty standards

There are people who have never played with a Barbie just because they wanted to look like the iconic doll. Barbie has always been regarded as a quintessential example of what can be potentially harmful about physical and beauty portrayals in the world. With her unrealistic body proportions, over-hyped feminization and her arched feet that are always ready to slip into high heels were thought to be widely accepted beauty standards since 1950s. The recent alterations made to the Barbie dolls certainly advocate a radical shift in beauty standards in the society and an increase in the demand for further diversity.

Body positivity is here to hit the existing standards

Last year, Barbie dolls came with a flat foot, and now she is going to be available in a broader range of colours, sizes and body types. Body images have always been a vital part of the beauty standards, and they are no better perpetuated than Barbies that kids play with. Children are definitely much affected by the images which surround them. With young girls who saw Barbie in her nearly impossible physical proportions, long blonde hair, high heels, it can consciously or subconsciously influence their idea of femininity.

Reflecting a more balanced gesture of body positivity

Kids now and in the future can relate themselves to the Barbie dolls they play with. Previously, there was hardly any connection between the young girls and their playing objects as they hardly saw their physical appearance reflected through the Barbie. But now they can visualize themselves in the Barbie they are playing with and in turn appreciate their own body colours and body types along with being respectful towards other body types and colours. Check out mrtoys.

These things were never thought to be important before, but now when you buy Barbie dolls online for your darling daughters, you too can recognize the venture as a means of creating harmony and accord with the rest of the world in the budding minds of young children. All you need to do is find a website that sells Barbie dolls online and order the one you like the most.

Wedding photographers – your best buddies at the wedding

Wedding photography comes alive when the camera is in the hands of a professional wedding photographer. Wedding photography is somewhat different from other types of photography, where every special moment is important and to be clicked on minutely. The photographer needs to pay full attention to every single detail during the auspicious ceremony. The vows and hymns, the blessings and congratulations, the laughter, grand parties and the merriment, etc., all need to be neatly captured. Wedding photographs always remain special for every individual. People preserve them safely and like to show them to others occasionally. Hence, a good photographer is all that is required.

wedding photographer

Characteristics of a good wedding photographer:

Wedding photography is always special for the bride, bridegroom and their immediate family members. They always pay special attention to choosing the most efficient photographer for the occasion. As far as the still photography is concerned, every moment is memorable for the families that are going to be united through the wedding. Hence, selecting a good wedding photographer is all the more important. Here are a few characteristics of a good photographer which you must consider before selecting one:

·        A good photographer should have years of experience in this field. Apart from wedding photography, he should have experience in other types of photography too.

·        A good photographer works in style. He’s always attentive in his job, as he knows special moments are created by “chance”.  An efficient photographer is always ready to capture those special moments in his lens.

·        A serious and professional photographer meets all family members, who have called him for the photo shoots, and discusses with them the schedule in detail. He tries to get an idea about his limitations and flexibility so that the bride or his family members never have any missed-out moments.

·        A good photographer steps out of the box and adds creativity to the photographs they click. They shoot in various formats and use equipment to match your expectations and budget.

·        A good photographer gives all the details about the various wedding photography packages much before the wedding day so that the client can pick the right package for the wedding.

·        A professional photographer in this field always keeps a helping hand with him. The assistants can help him to relax whenever needed while the photo shoot continues.

Packages for wedding photography:

In Vancouver, there are a few very professionals and widely known wedding photographers who are doing a good job in this field. They remain extremely busy during the wedding season as clients book them much before the actual day. Furthermore, the Vancouver photography packages depend on the organization to whom the responsibility of wedding photography is given and the type of service the client expects. Most of these widely acclaimed wedding photographers customize the package, since different clients demand different facilities. Apart from normal photography, they also offer pre-wedding photo shoots, wedding albums, and engagement albums, etc. on demand. For photography packages Vancouver companies provide, customers have the option of directly contacting them or even online. As each couple has different budget, needs and schedule, the customization helps to give the best services and quality photographs.

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