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Rainbow Beach: The Place That Offers the Best Beach Vacations

Rainbow Beach in Queensland is an awesome holiday destination with so much to offer to its guests. The beach is hosted by the Great Beach Drive, a vacation home to aquatic lovers in Australia and the world over. Rainbow Beach is renowned for being the southern gateway to the infamous Fraser Island. When you visit the Rainbow Island, it’s going to take you only 10 minutes to get to the island. That’s not enough – Rainbow is the main point of entry to the Coocoola Section of the Great Sandy National Park. But before we go on and on talking about the awesome features on the beach, let’s talk a little about the kind of accommodation Rainbow Beach offers.


It is said that Rainbow Beach offers the greatest variety, most affordable and most fascinating accommodating facilities in Australia. You definitely need to book one of them to witness it yourself. The types of accommodation Rainbow Beach offers include apartments, townhouses, rentals, motels and luxury hotels all having the magnificent view of the sea.

How to make your stay all the more interesting

The saying that goes “holiday accommodation can make or break your experience” has a lot of truth in it. You need to choose your accommodation in Rainbow Beach very carefully. There are indeed many options to choose from, but keep in mind not all of them would fit your needs and wants. Here are some quick tips to help you choose the best Rainbow Beach accommodation facility:

Check your wallet: Your budget will play the largest role in determining the type of accommodation you choose. How much are you planning to spend during the vacation? And, what percentage do you want to allocate to accommodation?
Location matters: Proximity to tourist attraction sites, the beach, parks and restaurants is very important. It will save you money and time on transportation.

What amenities and services matter to you? Do you value convenience when taking a vacation? If yes, you need to be keen on the facilities offered in your accommodation. Amenities and services offered in accommodation Rainbow Beach facilities include airport transfers, access to concierges, in-room dining, laundry, baby sitting referrals, swimming pool, kids club and indoor entertainment among others. Make sure you get what you like for that added pleasure during your trip.

Are you traveling solo or do you have company? The people you’re traveling with, or lack thereof, will greatly affect the accommodation you choose. If you are traveling solo, want privacy but still crave company, renting an apartment is a good idea. If you have friends who want to stick together all the time, go for a hostel. A family trip would be best accommodated in a rental. Rentals are large, have separate bedrooms and a lot of privacy.

Once you’re settled with accommodation issues, look out for top activities on the beach including horse rides, epic ocean adventures, skydiving, surf and sand safari escape, coocoola eco tours and fishing charters around the beach. If you’re a beach lover, mark Rainbow Beach as your next holiday destination. For more information, visit their website at: Rainbow Beach Accommodation

Top Reasons to Buy Barbie Dolls for Young Girls

Mattel Toys has announced the launch of new Barbie models that are designed to promote diversity as well as represent a wider range of races and physical variations. Barbie, which has been unrealistically white since its inception in 1959, is going to be imbued with a body positive makeover. Now young girls can have more ways to play and spark their imaginations with their Barbie. Besides an overall diversity, Mattel is also presenting three pristine body types in the range of Barbie dolls.


The old Barbie in a new look

Now Barbie dolls are available in a more ‘curvy’, ‘petite’ and ‘tall’ body with contours. These represent the maker’s efforts in reflecting the real proportions of a feminine body along with making strides for representing a wider scope of these physique types. There are also additional body colours with varying hair textures of the Barbie that are seemingly rising in proportion to the age-old white coloured Barbies. It is definitely exciting and nostalgic to witness this beautiful doll that most people have played with in their childhood, and is now able to represent the children who will play with them today. Barbies are a great way of introducing body positivity to children from an early age.

Moving away from the conventional beauty standards

There are people who have never played with a Barbie just because they wanted to look like the iconic doll. Barbie has always been regarded as a quintessential example of what can be potentially harmful about physical and beauty portrayals in the world. With her unrealistic body proportions, over-hyped feminization and her arched feet that are always ready to slip into high heels were thought to be widely accepted beauty standards since 1950s. The recent alterations made to the Barbie dolls certainly advocate a radical shift in beauty standards in the society and an increase in the demand for further diversity.

Body positivity is here to hit the existing standards

Last year, Barbie dolls came with a flat foot, and now she is going to be available in a broader range of colours, sizes and body types. Body images have always been a vital part of the beauty standards, and they are no better perpetuated than Barbies that kids play with. Children are definitely much affected by the images which surround them. With young girls who saw Barbie in her nearly impossible physical proportions, long blonde hair, high heels, it can consciously or subconsciously influence their idea of femininity.

Reflecting a more balanced gesture of body positivity

Kids now and in the future can relate themselves to the Barbie dolls they play with. Previously, there was hardly any connection between the young girls and their playing objects as they hardly saw their physical appearance reflected through the Barbie. But now they can visualize themselves in the Barbie they are playing with and in turn appreciate their own body colours and body types along with being respectful towards other body types and colours. Check out mrtoys.

These things were never thought to be important before, but now when you buy Barbie dolls online for your darling daughters, you too can recognize the venture as a means of creating harmony and accord with the rest of the world in the budding minds of young children. All you need to do is find a website that sells Barbie dolls online and order the one you like the most.

Safety gear to reduce football related injuries

One of the most popular sports in Australia is football with thousands of players participating and fans watching annually. In fact, the statistics show that there were 63,8000 registered participants across the country in 2007, and the number has steadily increased over the years. Australian football can, however, be quite dangerous with many football related injuries reported annually by hospitals. These can be prevented though by putting on the right gear when playing the game. This article takes a look at some of the safety football equipment every player has to be in possession of to minimize injuries.

Pants and jerseys

Apart from being decorations, football pants make players easily identifiable by their fans, officials as well as team mates. This is because the jerseys always have the logo and player’s number displayed on them. For example, the Sportsdepot has football pants that come with pads that can snap into place or fit into pockets within the pants for that extra protection.

Football pads

The rest of the body of the player is equally susceptible to injury during a football game as other parts. There will be many hits on the body during the game. Thus, a series of pads is needed to reduce the impact of injuries as well as redistribute the force of the blow. Shoulder pads for football are normally made up of hard plastic material and have padding underneath to create comfort. These come in a variety of styles for various positions, including knee pads and hip and thigh pads that protect the lower body from collisions. Hip pads normally fit around the hip or pelvic region of a player.

Football helmets

The helmet is perhaps the most important football equipment for any football player. This is because there are so many collisions during the game with team mates, the balls and other equipment as well as the field itself. To prevent concussions, the players should be in possession of a helmet. Helmets to play football should be fitting to the player however to ensure functionality.

Neck roll

The neck roll is an equally important football gear just as the helmet.  It is a foam roll that hugs the back neckline of the player’s jersey. The neck roll is fundamental in minimizing the chances of severe neck injuries. It works by limiting how far back the neck can go when a player’s head snaps or is pushed backwards.

Mouth guards

These are pieces of plastics inserted in the mouth allowing players to bite. They are instrumental in preventing broken jaws and teeth. They are usually custom fitted to players by placing them in hot water and then allowing the plastic to soften. After that the player can bite down on them. As the plastic cools, it will conform to the shape of the player’s mouth.

Football is a fun game but can be equally dangerous when the appropriate football equipment are not used during the game. Wearing the right gear will significantly reduce the major injuries. Find out more at